Damned To Redemption


Death is waiting for us all. We get confronted by death through the entire life. What could be the meaning of life if at the end of the day we are simply buried anyway. Why do we strive for success if everything we achieve becomes void once we’re gone? Why not just let go instead of suffering?

I was confronted with this kind of questions when I accompanied my friend – who died of cancer - through his final weeks. I admired his will to live until his final breaths. And I saw how tiny daily troubles appear in contemplation of death.

This album is about living a life between hope and despair, about the dualism of coping with pain without losing faith. The songs are the narrative of a slow and painful death, its meaning and the legacy that goes with it. 

The album consists of five acts enclosed by a pro- and an epilogue. This dramatic structure guides trough the story of freedom and limits, of transience and continuity, of optimism and disillusion. Energy does not get lost - it rather moves, transforms and divides into chaos. The passed away remain in our memory and their legacy lingers on. It is nature’s law to grow chaos - it is men’s challenge to tidy things up. The phoenix rises from the ashes. His remains are freed from mortality and illness. He is damned but found redemption. 

Timon Düblin, September 2019

“A person is really dead only when no-body thinks of him anymore.” Bertolt Brecht

The Album

The following songs are included on this album:

Arrangements: Hammer On

Recorded at: Hammer On-Studio

Mix/Master: Ivo Düblin

Year: 2019

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