Crazy Times

Song idea: Ivo Düblin | Lyrics: Ivo Düblin | Lead vocals: Max Lüthi | Backing vocals: Max Lüthi, Joshua/Nicolas/Timon Düblin | Guitars: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Bass: Nicolas Düblin | Drums: Joshua Düblin | Percussion: Dario Gunti | Keyboards: Ivo Düblin


Living through crazy times

Everywhere obvious signs

It takes an open mind

We are running late

Overtaken by our fate

Radical changes ahead

Get over fear and dread

New ideas to be spread 

Overcome confines

These are crazy times

Verse 1

A tiny village 

The world has become

Whatever happens

Influences everyone

Let's foster strengths

And praise valiance

Varying amounts of

Abilities and talents

There's weaknesses

There's geniuses

Verse 2

We should be guided

By moral sense

Now is good time

To commence

Fortune generally 

Comes at an expense

Hording desperately 

Euros and cents

On a moutain of corpses

Our gains and losses

Verse 3

We can establish


For everyone

An opportunity

To live a life

In dignity

Fairness for every

Friend and enemy

Heritage ain’t a merit

Make sure you deserve it


Living through crazy times

Growth, profit and gain

Must not be the only aim

Lessons to be learned from history

We need humanity, solidarity, empathy