Song idea: Ivo Düblin | Lyrics: Ivo Düblin | Lead vocals: Timon Düblin | Backing vocals: Timon Düblin | Guitars: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Bass: Nicolas Düblin | Drums: Joshua Düblin | Percussion: Dario Gunti | Keyboards: Ivo Düblin

Verse A

Goodbye to isolated nations

To any preconceptions

Goodbye to careless accusing

To small-minded thinking

Welcome to exploration  

Welcome to consideration  

Goodbye to nepotism  

To exorbitant wages

Goodbye to favoritism

As in the middle ages

Welcome to squareness    

And to humbleness  

Verse B

Dear Mr Lukaschenko

Your country's form of government

Is called democracy

Instead you are building the fundament

For a monarchy

Dear Mr Johnson

Global problems like climate change

The derailed stock exchange

Can't be solved in isolation

Without participation

Verse A

Goodbye to arbitrary violence

To careless ignorance

Goodbye to indifference

To gutless tax avoidance

Welcome nurses with fair payments

To humanly treated patients

Goodbye degrading duties

To abandoned refugees

Goodbye to cheap clothes and meals

The demon behind the wheel

Welcome straight authorities

Welcome to all minorities

Verse B

Dear Mr Putin

Please do not neglect

The Russian population

Rigged elections don't reflect

The will of a nation

Dear Mr Erdogan

Suppressing free expression

By putting away or killing

Those who are not willing to agree

With your totalirity


Dear Mr Bolsonaro, you suck

Dear Mr Trump, you suck

Dear Mr Orban, you suck

Dear Mr Jong-Un, you suck

Dear Mr Netanjahu, you suck

Dear Mr Jinpin, you suck