Denial of Death

Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Year: 2018

3 Denial of Death

Verse 1

You’re standing in front of me

I don’t like what I’m about to see

Did you come to take me with you

But what if I don’t want to?


I wanna run away

I don’t hear what you say

I’m aware of meaningless reality

I say no to absurdity


Why don’t you leave me alone

I don’t want you, I don’t need you

Why do you want to turn me into stone

I don’t want to, to go with you

I will never give up my soul

I won’t let you, I don’t see you

A smile is the last thing I should know

You don’t have me, you won’t catch me

Verse 2

I don’t agree with my destiny

Don’t really care about reality

Can’t you understand my desire?

Inside me, there is still a high burning fire

Interlude /Reprise

High up in the blue sky

no more crowds to cover the sun

Free from suffering, endless possibilities

lay down you don’t have to run