Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Year: 2018

Epilog - Son  

Verse 2  

In my honour as a mom  

Just want you to give me back my son  

It could well be that his time didn't end  

But still not see laying in your bed  


I cannot fight for nothing  

I won't fight for a box full of ashes  

I won't let the sky turn blue again  

Till the gods let me see my son and friend  

 Verse 2 

I can not pray 

‘cause you don’t hear what I say 

I don’t believe 

That you live but you don’t breathe  


For a mother to be proud  

Who could shout out loud  

A mother who takes care  

Who would always be fair  

A mom that loves her babe That you live but you don't breathe  

A mom that loves her babe  

For all the decades  

She'll never be same  

After you came  

A mother who did all she can do  

All there was to come back to you  

A mother learnt the birds how to fly  

A mother who always shows the blue sky  

mama looks always up to the sun  

Is it demanded too much  

To give mama back her son?