Broken Wings

Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Year: 2018

2.1 Broken Wings  

Verse 1 

The bird became bigger and stronger  

He was able to fly higher and longer  

But one day he came to a thunderstorm  

So swept away that he forgot where he came from  


So the bird met death  

A first time  

He took him his breath  

and the sunshine  

broke him his wings  

that he was nothing  

but flesh, bone and skins  


The bird with broken wings  

Knows that death always wins  

He’s frightened of the end  

no way to defend  

 Verse 2 

Every beat of its wings was wasted power  

the wind tore him further and further  

till he couldn’t any more and fell down  

he cried to the sky but there is no help to be found  


The cloudy day became a dark night  

he was still on the ground with the end in sight  

but still he possesses a will to live  

so he raised himself up again, up on his feet  

instead of flying he learnt how to walk  

he does what he says when others just talk