Breaking out

Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Year: 2018

1 Breaking Out


Breaking out

Chains can’t hold me back

Breaking out

So much freedom is turning me mad

Breaking out

Let’s see what world has got for me

Breaking out

Verse 1

The boy I was has disappeared

I’m a man with honor and without fear

I’m keeping every door open

Got a mountain of options and a way to them

I’m charged with energy I wanna lose

Don’t slow me down I will refuse

Meet me on the finishing line

You won’t catch me up the victory is mine


I just have to know

where I wanna go

The wall has fallen down

Down to the ground

Verse 2

To choose a door to go thru

Was all I ever wanted to do

No longer guided by some old farts

I think this is when life starts

I am my own responsibility

Means making decisions which are good for me

From now on life is what I make it

And there is nobody to change it