Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Year: 2018

5 Ashes  

Verse 1 

Now you’re gone  

Your body has been burned  

You’re time Has just begun  

As ashes in the urn  

You left traces for us  

Smoke and memories  

It won’t last forever  

time and space are an eternity  


Your time didn’t end, you marked our mind  

may I say, in your death something was left behind  


Try to pick up the all pieces  

Don’t let the memories go away  

Don’t disappear between so many faces  

Remember what I am and what I say  

Verse 2  

Everything tends to  

the absolute chaos  

Nothing is lost 

just spread all around  

there needs to be 

to be a way  

For ashes on the ground  

It can’t be Just faded away  

I’d cry out loud  


Smoke and memories  

Ashes for eternity