Song idea: Ivo Düblin | Lyrics: Ivo Düblin | Lead vocals: Joshua Düblin | Backing vocals: Joshua Düblin | Guitars: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Bass: Nicolas Düblin | Drums: Joshua Düblin | Percussion: Dario Gunti | Keyboards: Ivo Düblin


There’s planet, tiny and blue

Cruising our galaxy

With air to breathe, water and food,

For life to prosper peacefully 

On top of the food chain

Mankind in its glory

The pride of creation, a smart brain

With untamed imagination


Everything’s hunky-dory

But we overlook carelessly 

That human spawn is sawing off 

The bough it is sitting on 


We are selfish and numb

Push our wealth to the max 

Witless, stupid and dumb 

But the thin ice shows cracks

Our hands are covered with blood

We shoot other’s wad

Can we abide this facade?


We are black, white, a motley crew

Different cultures and views 

But all of us truly despise

Being governed by devils in disguise

Cold-blooded we keep profiting

It’s impossible to withstand

Until we all loose everything

As the system ‘s getting out of hand

But we imperturbably

Bark up the wrong tree



The only thing of value

Is increasing our revenue 

Growing figures and numbers

The cash flow never slumbers


To alter our course is not that hard

We hold each and every card

Show respect for nature

Our planet and all creatures