Death's Speech

Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Year: 2018

3.1 Death’s Speech  

Verse 1  

Hello, do you remember me?  

I’m the one who’s gonna set you free  

In the light of our father  

I will obey his order  

No longer damned to this place  

Redemptions is the lord's grace  

Anyway, you’re sentenced to die  

Now it’s time to say goodbye  


I devise 

Is your paradise  

My job is done  

When you are gone  


I’m here to break your chains  

Say goodbye to your friends  

Goodbye cruel world  

And you did all you could  

Verse 2  

As hand and servant of the lord  

Your life is supposed to be short  

But it is part of god's plans  

When our time ends  

No one of us had a choice  

It’s all just father’s voice  

Don’t deny his presence but accept his offer  

Because dying is an honour