A journey into a past of conquer and explotation while connecting the dots to the injustice of the present day.

Meet the conqueror who disguises as an adventurer, hides forced labour behind a contract, and fancies himself a master while oppressing others by sheer violance.

And meet the worker, who's labour is appropriated and who's forced to obey by the existential threat.

The systemic oppression gets amplified by the material condition: the rhythm of production is enhaced by metered machinery. The conqueror sails his ships over the seas and alters from master to manager.

1 Arrival

The conqueror leaves his home. He sails into heavy waters and the soft nostalgic piano turns aggresive.

Requiem, aternam dona eis.

They greet death with confidence. 

2 Master

The conqueror docks on a new shore. The worker sees him coming. Jembes drown in the shuffle of the drums. 

Verse 1:

A ship on the horizon 

Like we've never seen a ship before 

see the noble men risin' 

When Docking on shore  


Came sailing from a far land 

A place we've never been to before 

I talk but you don’t understand 

a tongue we've never heard before 


Holding up the holy Bible 

A book we've never read before 

A fancy man with a fancy title 

I came here to explore 



Ohhh  stranger 

Welcome to our home 

Emerged from the sea 

You were all alone 

Fo- reigner 

Out of the dust 

Said you would guarentee 

Bringing peace to us 

Verse 2

Ships arriving in a line 

And every year some more 

You wanted me to sign 

Even tough I never signed before 


All I want is a deal 

Can't deal any more 

Instead of words you use steel 

negotiate no more 


Once you'd taken our land 

had been our land before 

It's now the women and men 

we weren't slaves before 



Ohh stranger 

Invading our home 

In commission of the king 

Had to obey the unknown 


Let my people alone 

In the name of a name 

I refuse to come 

3 Contract of Conquer

The conqueror extends his power by forcing a contract which inshrines systemic oppression. A powerfull guitar takes over. 

Verse 1

You can't say no to me 

I have what you really need 

Sign here for evolution 

A contract for expansion 

Join in the movement 

It is all about development 

Teach you how to be efficient 

Your struggles are insufficient 


Contract of conquer 

Reach further 

Members of mankind 

My mind - you sign 

Obey my order 

Or you'll die 

Taking you under 

Breakin it down 

You'll never be faster 

Cause I'm the master 

Verse 1

I stand for progression 

And you'll do some contraction 

Take the money 

And serve me honney 

For security 

You loose liberty 

To become wealthy 

You fail and I succeed

4 Working On

The conqueror argues for the greater picture of progression. He feels entitled to rule over the working class by natural or devine default. The work is pushed to duty in a bass riff. One spots the shadow in a heroic chorus.

If you work for me 

Maybe one day you'll be free 

At the Age of sixty five 

You're humble self will thrive 

I'm bending down 

To do all the work on the field 

Can you promise 

Will I grow like the seed? 


You may succeed 

But someone's got to lift up the weight 

I’ll take the lead 

Steel holding me up 

Right at the start 

You give me a paycut 

By claiming the land 

And commanding my hand 


Working 'cause it's due 

But I do not own 

Let the time pass 

While I'm singing this song 

Working on a farm 

With my companions 

Out on the fields 

They come singing along 

This land is mine 

All the fields out there 

They have my name 

I drive in posts everywhere 

Why do I 

Need papers anyway 

No need to impose 

We did it our own way 


You have no choice 

It won't last forever 

It's just a shadow in the cave 

You're watching 

The pictures are stalling 

Can you hear the drops falling? 


Working hard is what we do 

All we do is serving you 

All my passion 

To be more efficient 

Working on a farm we do not own 

Working 'cause it's due 

But I do not own 

Let the time pass 

While I'm singing this song 

Working on a farm 

With my companions 

Out on the fields 

They come singing along 

5 Winner

Injustice is reproduced. The winner takes it all from the losers. Shadows are dancing in the tension of major and minor chords.

Over time you will understand 

Where this will come to an end 

He claims to be a big man 

With a big plan 


Gaining power through slaves and machines 

You signed that you agree 

To stay alive and with your faith 

He will hold the word he gave 


He isn't here to hurt somebody 

It's the price you have to pay 

So that people overseas 

Can meet all their needs 


There's only a winner 

If there's a loser 

And the beginner 

Will stay in power 

Like in chess 

The rich man gains 

And you pick up the remains 


If you want to catch up with him 

You'll have to work yourself in 

If you want all the progression 

Come up with a sense of possession 

Follow his lead, and be patient 

On his stream born to be a legend 

Work hard for him to susceed 

You shall get the things that you need. 

6 Industrial Evolution

The conqueror brags about all the nice stuff he gained from forced labour. A funky groove for the good times. 

I own a ship 

holding my name on it 

I've got the big net 

Look all the fish I can catch 


Check out my place 

Seems I have the lord's grace 

A cheminey on the roof 

My pyjama is so smooth 


Wearing nice shoes 

Never have my lace loose 

Pumping like a train 

Moving to different plane 


I've got my ride 

Cruising down the street 

All of my pride 

Concrete and a leather seat 


I've got my clock 

rule over the the time 

I'm able to talk 

Over the sealine 


Any time anywhere 

He's got the power 

Increasing mind can't compare 

Thoughts of the our 


A steady line no despair 

He'll never loose 

I ve got the spine and I'm aware 

Of the masters plan I wanna introduce 


Producing  machines 

To invent my dreams 

Flying above you 

Never out of schedule 


I spread my wings 

Only through reasoning 

I can get everything 

anything I imagine 

Driving these cars 

with radio on conditionned air 

how could you dare to compare  

I'm aiming for the stars 

And you're diggin in the dirt 

While I'm reading the holy word 

And we should obey, his order 

The way to his way gets  shorter 

We should drive faster, To get further 

Follow the master, the precusor 


Discipline, a set square 

Implementing his will 

New paradigm new ware 

Improving his skill 

From Pen n paper to the skyscraper 

Excavator, world shaper god's  neighbour 

 It ain't no crime to prepare 

The masters plan do us all a favor 

7 Manager

The conqueror's power seems unlimited. He lives in decadence and swings big. His realm is now a whole city. The fields turn into a factory. The rhythm accelerates and the beat hardens.

Having all the force within one finger 

Comanding with no friction whatsoever 

Sitting all day long out on my bench 

Life is good to me 


When I am hungry It is just to say 

And my servant will be on his way 

Eating as much as I can 

Life is good to me 


A fire to warm my belly 

The wood we choke, the fire we kept 

A golden facade 

The metal we mine, the house we built 

Overdrawing the land 

This was our land, now your concrete 

Saling away 

Leaving our home, a realm to come 


The fat ass sitting on his chair 

Pointing at me, stroking his hair 

If I don't obey he'll use the whip 

So I feed that greedy pig 


All this consumption makes him high 

Smoking Pot and eating pie 

Increasing his diameter from Master to Manager 

I feed the greedy pig