Waste Some Time

Song idea: Ivo Düblin | Lyrics: Ivo Düblin | Lead vocals: Max Lüthi | Backing vocals: Max Lüthi, Nicolas/Joshua/Timon Düblin | Guitars: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Bass: Nicolas Düblin | Drums: Joshua Düblin | Percussion: Dario Gunti | Keyboards: Ivo Düblin


So few moments 

So little time 

No commitments

Your spirit sublime


Laying in front of my TV 

My feet on the table are fine 

Nothing that could bother me 

How about wasting some time 

Accept the facts you can’t change 

There ain't no godly sign 

Many solutions out of range 

How about wasting some time 


‘Cause I’m in the mood 

To show you the good 

Be drifting, no tension, no starting gun 

I cannot think of anything that must get done 

‘Cause I’m in the mood 

To show you the good 

Relax on the tracks of laziness 

Gather some strength, fill the emptiness


I must admit, it’s getting hard

I don’t wanna build up a plan

It ain’t any easier to restart

I prefer to stay where I am

Day after day, struggling ahead

I don’t seem to approach any goal

From time to time lay back your head

Let calmness enter your soul