Song idea: Timon Düblin | Lyrics: Timon Düblin | Lead vocals: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Backing vocals: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Guitars: Max Lüthi, Timon Düblin | Bass: Nicolas Düblin | Drums: Joshua Düblin | Percussion: Dario Gunti | Keyboards: Ivo Düblin

Verse 1

You get to work

Never too late

Standing in line

Fulfill your fate


You will do

As you've been told

Nothing new

But you get old


Don't be creative

Stick to the plan

You think you're native

But that's a scam


There is no place

There is no doubt

Unready to race

They'll kick you out


Bridge 1

Won't you turn around

To change your blinkered attitude

Entirity allowed

You'd never grow out of your root

If time was juste a line

No desicion left to face

What if it comes to space?


Verse 2

Neither god, nor men know

What is good for you

You still want tho',

that somthing is leading you


Coocking step by step

A Weekly oatmeal soup

You'd never regret

Cause you did, what you should


Roaring machine

Commits crime without intention

In your daily routine

Shun any exception

Bridge 2

God has no play

You have no say

When Effecting a sin -

You'd not even know were you've been -

Deduced from their cause

You dind't made a pause

In the space of thought


Only by reflection we'll see

How free we realy can be

If we give up to understand

Or do you think that you can't

Choose for yourself instead

Living on someone else's back


It's never to late to learn

Just check these lines now


If there is anything you need to do

find your own god damn way through



"You got to" give up your destiny

"You got to" answer who you want to be

"You got to" reconsider the things you do

"You got to " find out what good means to you